Are dust, noise or draughts big problems in your business premises? Do you want to use the available space more efficiently? Or do you want to create easy access to a closed cultivation area or workplace? These are all situations in which VLP Flexible Partitions can help. VLP is a specialist in “flexible partitioning” for a wide variety of sectors, with products including: (industrial) partition walls and curtains, swing doors, high-speed rolling doors, retractable tunnels, industrial tents, dock shelters and dock levelers.


In many cases an area has to be more or less permanently closed off. In such a situation, a fixed door might offer too little flexibility. An (automatic) door from VLP Flexible Partitions closes off work areas efficiently while allowing rapid access.


More efficient use of space. With adequate protection against cold, draught, dust, sparks, moisture and noise. The (industrial) curtains of VLP Flexible Partitions are multifunctional!

Retractable tunnels

Retractable tunnels or warehouses are the most valid answer to covering a workspace and remain fully flexible. Even when used outside it remains completely stable in all weather conditions. Flexibility and durability were keywords when designing this product.

Dock shelters

Maintaining the right climate in your building is a piece of cake with our dock shelters. They minimize the unwanted gaps between the lorry and the building like no other! Which results in the highest level of energy conservation and improvement in working conditions, besides not transmitting the thrust of vehicles to the structure of your warehouse.