Fixed curtain wall

Fixed curtain wall

Flexible separations

What is a fixed curtain wall?

A VLP fixed curtain wall is in fact a semi-permanent partition wall, based on VLP's industrial curtains. However, the fixed curtain walls are supplied without a rail system. They are fitted with vertical tensioning panels. Such a fixed industrial curtain is normally supplied in a transparent or opaque PVC foil and is used to screen off company premises and workplaces.

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The curtain walls can be fitted in various ways, depending on the situation on site. The wall is usually mounted to a support structure placed by VLP, but suspension by steel wire or mounting on rafters is also possible. Such a fixed industrial curtain is then tensioned with vertical tensioning straps to removable or collapsible eyelets on the floor. If required, the curtain can be assembled so that it can be rolled up or removed where necessary. Like our industrial curtains, VLP's fixed curtain walls also come with a trailing edge at the bottom of the curtain. This trailing edge can be supplied with a Velcro fastener, thus preventing damage when the edge is run over.

When an opening is required in a curtain wall, we often work in combination with one of our other products. For example;

Applications of a curtain wall

The simple purpose of a fixed curtain wall is to separate spaces and thus prevent the spread of dust, mist, vapour and smoke. A curtain wall also acts as a temperature and sound barrier. VLP curtain walls are insensitive to air flows. Wind, exhaust systems and fans therefore have no influence on them. Curtain walls are often used in distribution centres, horticulture and industry. For example, as a barrier between racks, under a mezzanine floor or around robot lifts, silos or storage tanks.

Fabric types

Our fixed curtain walls can be finished with various fabric types, such as;

  • PVC film with inner reinforcement mesh
  • Clear PVC fabric
  • Coloured PVC fabric
  • Gauze
  • Insulating fabric
  • Light resistant fabric
  • Anti-static fabric
  • Fire retardant fabric

Various colours are also possible. The curtain walls themselves are produced in modules, depending on the overall size. These modules are usually connected vertically with Velcro. In addition, it is also possible, for example, to incorporate windows in an otherwise opaque curtain.

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VLP's Fixed Curtain Walls

In today's industrial landscape, efficiency, functionality, and durability are paramount. Industrial fixed curtain walls embody these core values. Specifically designed for industrial settings, they offer solutions that are as practical as they are aesthetically pleasing. Dive into the advantages and versatility of industrial fixed curtain walls at VLP.

One standout benefit of industrial fixed curtain walls is their ability to effectively segment large industrial spaces without the need for extensive construction or renovation. They are perfect for factories, warehouses, and workshops where flexible space division is essential.

Vlp, specialist in flexible seperations, boasts a comprehensive range of industrial fixed curtain walls that adhere to the highest industrial standards. Whether you're seeking solutions for noise insulation, temperature regulation, or mere space division, our industrial fixed curtain walls are the perfect pick.

Why choose a fixed curtain wall?

Beyond their functional perks, industrial fixed curtain walls also present significant cost advantages when compared to traditional partitions. They are easy to install, require minimal maintenance, and are supremely durable, offering a cost-effective solution for the long haul.

It's no wonder that industrial fixed curtain walls are quickly becoming the preferred choice for numerous industrial enterprises. With their design flexibility, superior functionality, and robustness, they are an indispensable component in contemporary industrial architecture.

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