Swing doors

Swing doors

Self-closing & draught-resistant

Multifunctional swing doors

Swing doors are self-closing one- or two-winged draft doors that allow fast internal transport. They prevent loss of heat or cold, but also serve as sound insulation and prevent dust from spreading. The absence of an upper frame enables the use of overhead conveyors or crane transport through the opening. Installing a swing door is also possible without any form of automation, as a swing door closes by means of spring force.

Characteristics of swing doors

A swing door closes by means of vertically placed spring packs that exert a constant spring pressure. They do this in both the 90-degree and 0-degree position of the door leaf. The force with which the door closes can be adjusted to your needs. A VLP swing door comes with plastic corner reinforcement at the ends of the door leaf. This prevents cracks in the door leaf at sensitive points.

Swing doors are also excellent to combine with other flexible solutions and/or partitions. Think of a fixed curtain wall, industrial curtain or rolling curtain.

Tailor-made swing doors

Besides the standard options, we also supply custom-made swing doors with the options you require. These include;

  • Wire reinforced door panels
  • Fully or partly coloured door leaves, possibly with windows
  • Various door panel thicknesses
  • Wear strips for frequent traffic

It is also possible to order your VLP swing door in combination with a hold-open device. This lock is used to secure one or both swing door plates in the open position. You can choose to apply this once or twice per door panel.

Swing door plates

Virtually all products offered by VLP are composed by means of a piece of tailor-made work, including our swing doors. This means we also produce the door plates ourselves. It is therefore also possible to supply custom-made loose PVC swing door plates. After all, if the frames of your current swing door are still good, installing new door plates is often sufficient.

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VLP Swing doors

In the industrial landscape, efficiency and safety are paramount. VLP's swing doors meet these demands and have become indispensable in various industrial settings like warehouses, manufacturing halls, and distribution centers.

An industrial-grade swing door, designed to open in both directions, ensures rapid and smooth movement of goods and personnel, especially in environments where time is of the essence.

Opting for the industrial swing doors from VLP means investing in resilience and reliability. They are made of sturdy materials capable of withstanding the rigorous and challenging industrial environments.

Advantages of industrial swing doors:

  1. Efficiency: Quick and unhindered flow of both personnel and goods.
  2. Robustness: Built to endure the intense operations in demanding industrial settings.
  3. Safety: Designed with worker safety in mind, minimizing risks of accidents and damages.

In need of a door solution that meets the stringent demands of the industry? The swing doors at VLP deliver the quality and reliability you require.