High-speed doors

High-speed doors

Ultra-fast and efficient

High-speed doors against draughts, moisture, heat and cold

High-speed doors, also known as rapid roll-up doors or high-performance rolling doors, are excellent partitions for draughts, moisture, heat and cold. A high-speed door is a rapidly rolling door with a door curtain made of opaque PVC fabric in side guides. High-speed doors separate the circulation of air between two rooms. With an average opening and closing speed of 2 metres per second, a high-speed roll-up door provides the perfect separation between two rooms. A high-speed door also ensures ideal climate regulation when there is a lot of traffic between two rooms. Our high-speed doors open and close at lightning speed, giving heat, cold, draughts and moisture no chance of moving into the other room.

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Advantages of high-speed doors

There are numerous benefits to having the right high-speed roll door, for example;

  • The self-repairing ability of the door curtain
  • The cost saving on energy
  • Opening and closing at lightning speed
  • Reduced risk of accidents and damages
  • The separation of airflows

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VLP high-speed doors

VLP has a wide range of high-speed roll-up doors, also known as high-speed doors, in our product range. These all improve safety and climate regulation within your company. This will help you cut down on expenses, as the temperature in the rooms will be better preserved. Your employees can also pass through openings more easily and efficiently thanks to the fast opening and closing capability of a high-speed roll-up door.

When choosing a high-speed door from VLP, you can count on;


Our high-speed roll-up doors contain no hard parts and are self-repairing. This reduces the risk of an accident.

Customised advice

Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience, we can give you the best possible advice.


Our VCA-certified fitters install your high-speed door at any desired location.


In the event of a defect, we will repair your high-speed door ourselves. We are specialised and certified to repair or replace your high-speed doors and roll-up doors quickly and professionally.

Maintenance of high-speed doors

The fastest and best service for your high-speed door throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. We are also the right place for scheduled maintenance.

Dynaco high-speed doors

We have been a certified Dynaco dealer since 1999: the brand for your high-speed door. A Dynaco high-speed roll-up door will help you save energy and reduce your costs. Dynaco high-speed roll-up doors ensure a faster flow of goods, which allows you to optimise production.

This allows you to optimise production. Of course, it is always possible that a door is accidentally hit. Since a Dynaco rolling door does not have a bottom beam, an accident can occur without permanent damages. Dynaco doors are self-repairing. This implies that the door leaf recovers itself after a collision and rolls up completely. Dynaco high-speed roll-up doors can be used for both light and heavy operating conditions. Both indoors and outdoors. Looking for an overview of our Dynaco High-speed roll-up doors? Click here!


Dynaco high-speed roll-up doors are equipped with multiple sensors, which means that the door curtain will never unroll if something or someone is standing in the opening. The door curtain does not contain any hard parts and is therefore the safest high-speed roll-up door on the market.

High speed door prices

Prices for high-speed roll-up doors vary and depend on your requirements. If you would like to know more about the price of the high-speed roll-up door you are interested in, please contact us for a customised, competitive offer.

Rapid folding doors

High-speed doors are sometimes called rapid-folding doors, but they are different from each other. A high-speed door or rapid roll door you opens and closes by rolling, while a rapid folding door opens and closes by folding. VLP also offers fast-folding doors. View our rapid folding doors here.