Welding curtains

Welding curtains

Flexible and secure

Working safely with a VLP welding curtain

During welding, it is of utmost importance to maintain proper precautions. After all, the harmful welding light can cause harm to both skin and eyes. A VLP welding curtain is indispensable in this regard. VLP's non-reflective welding curtains shield the surrounding area from welding light so that the welder can perform his job with peace of mind.

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Flexible arrangement of a welding site

Welding curtains or welding strips, mounted in a screen or attached to a rail, are designed to shield a welding area quickly and flexibly. These partitions are all made of non-reflective PVC of welding grade. We can use this material to compose an industrial curtain, strip curtain or rolling curtain. In other words, VLP always has the right solution for your welding site.

Welding screens

A commonly used partition for welding areas is a VLP welding screen. This is available, not only as a fixed welding screen, but also as a mobile welding screen. With these welding screens, a temporary welding area can be created quickly and easily. Depending on the situation, these welding screens can be supplied with PVC welding strips or with curtains out of PVC welding film.

Welding curtains and welding rolling curtains

Separations for larger welding areas are no problem either. Options include welding curtains, fixed curtain walls made of welding grade PVC and welding rolling curtains. A weld quality rolling curtain rolls up and down easily and creates a temporary welding area.

Welding strips

Welding grade strip curtains, also known as welding grade flaps, are widely used to screen off passageways. These welding-quality strip curtains are easily mounted on a ceiling and wall and are easy to use. It is also possible to supply the welding strips on a swivel arm or frame. Ideal for shielding a welding area.

Types of welding quality PVC

For VLP welding curtains and welding strips, both PVC strips and welding-grade film are used. These materials are available in 3 colours:

  • Red/orange
  • Light green
  • Dark green

The first two, red and light green, are translucent by nature. Dark green is opaque and suitable for welding processes with very intense radiation, e.g. for between two welding sites or near a welding robot. The welding curtains and PCV welding strips are flame-resistant (DIN53438) and resistant to welding sparks.


All welding products comply with the updated standard ISO EN 25980 (formerly EN 1598:2011 and AWS F2.3) With this new standard, every working environment is assured of a safe environment. In particular, this standard provides for the safety of people who are not directly involved in welding activities but work in the immediate vicinity.

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PVC Welding Curtains

In the industrial environments where welding is a day-to-day activity, PVC welding curtains stand as the frontline defence against the perils of welding light. When it comes to safety and efficiency, VLP’s PVC welding curtains are second to none.

Our PVC welding curtains are precisely engineered to foster a safe workspace, establishing a barrier that safeguards workers and visitors from sparks, spatters, and ultraviolet radiation. With a broad array of applications in the industrial arena, these welding curtains are the trustworthy shield safeguarding your workspace’s integrity.

But why should you opt for VLP’s PVC welding curtains?

Superior Quality

Our welding curtains are crafted from premium materials, promising longevity even in the most demanding conditions.

Ultraviolet (UV) Protection

Offering an outstanding barrier against harmful UV rays, our curtains dramatically reduce the risk of health issues.

Spark and Spatter Guard

Prevent accidents by efficiently managing sparks and spatters with our curtains designed to demarcate the hazard zone clearly.

Easy Installation

VLP’s PVC welding curtains are devised with user convenience in mind, facilitating quick installation and dismantling.

Optimal Visibility

While forming a secure barrier, our welding curtains maintain sufficient visibility to ensure a safe and efficient workspace.

Understanding that every project is unique, we offer a wide range of options enabling you to select the product perfectly aligning with your specific needs. Discover VLP’s range of PVC welding curtains today and step towards a safer and more productive working environment.