PE swing doors

PE swing doors

Sleek and hygienic

Sleek swing doors

PE swing doors are mostly used within the food industry, as warehouse doorways for supermarkets and within the catering sector. Thanks to its smooth surface and few edges, a PE swing door is less sensitive to dust and dirt and easy to clean. An additional advantage for the food industry: the metal parts of the PE doors are made of stainless steel (304/V2A).

Properties of PE swing doors

Like its PVC counterpart, a swing door works by means of a closing mechanism of which the closing strength can be adjusted. This closing mechanism is integrated in the frame profile. The opening angle of PE lever doors is one of 90 degrees to both sides.

Another big advantage of our PE doors is the required mounting surface. Usually, depending on the size, they are mounted using a 60x6 mm flat profile. Thus, no wide frame is required. Thanks to the pre-drilled hole pattern, fixing with screws is easy!

In addition, PE swing doors are excellent to combine with our other flexible partitions. Think of a fixed curtain wall, an industrial curtain, rollling curtains or a high speed door.

Customised PE swing doors

All PE swing doors are ordered and produced according to your wishes and needs. Various colours of PE are possible, also the frame-free window of 380mm is placed in the 15 mm thick door leaf at your desired height.

The doors can also be fitted with a crush protection between the plates, which is transparent in nature and food-safe (physiologically harmless).

It is also possible to fit a locking device in the swing doors, allowing them to be secured on one side at a 90-degree angle. This lock is integrated in the door profile.

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