Strip doors

Strip doors

Flexibly sealed with PVC strips

Strip doors, flexible and dividing

A strip door, often called a strip curtain or flap curtain, is commonly used as a flexible barrier. This is because a strip door offers several advantages, depending on its composition. The right PVC strip door allows you to maintain the temperature in a room. Both heat loss behind an overhead door and cold loss in a cold store can be reduced with the right strip door. Strip doors also help keep out dust, reduce noise levels and protect your eyes from welding light.

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A strip door is used in a wide variety of locations, as it is draught-resistant, noise-reducing and insulating. You can reduce the loss of both heat and cold with the right strip door. You also keep unwanted visitors, such as birds, out in a responsible way. Because of the different suspension and overlap variations, we can put together the right strip door to suit your needs. This gives you the desired advantages, while maintaining an accessible space.

Strip door variations:

When you are looking for the right strip door for your needs, various suspension options will come up. This is also the case at VLP. 

  • A fixed strip door
  • A swinging strip door
  • A sliding strip door

A fixed strip door is the most commonly used variant. Often mounted above an opening or against a supporting structure, for example as an opening in a fixed curtain wall. Extremely suitable for temperature maintenance and still accessible. If a passageway is used very intensively by foot traffic, it is sometimes preferable to switch to a strip curtain with a swing profile. This gives the strip curtain a bit more freedom of movement. This way, even with a slightly heavier curtain, you can easily walk through it. Another option is a sliding strip curtain. This can be slid to the side across its entire width, easily freeing up space for larger traffic.

Of course, the right suspension is always chosen in consultation with you, based on your wishes. The same applies to materials. Aluminium, galvanised steel or stainless steel, VLP likes to think along with you.

Types of PVC strips:

After choosing the right suspension profile for your strip door, one choice remains. The PVC strips themselves. After all, each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Clear PVC strips are the most commonly used in VLP strip doors. Thanks to their transparent nature, they provide a good overview of a room, despite being closed off. In addition, any traffic can also see what is happening on the other side of the curtain, which is nice and safe.

Of course, VLP offers a large number of other options in terms of PVC strips. These include;

  • PVC strips of freezer quality, down to as low as -40 degrees, the well-known "cold store flaps".
  • Anti-static PVC strips, suitable for your clean room.
  • PVC welding strips, available in various shades.
  • Coloured transparent PVC strips, ideal as a marking strip.

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VLP Stripcurtain doors

If you're in search of a flexible, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing way to separate or safeguard spaces, then VLP's strip curtains are your perfect pick. But what makes these strip curtains so unique, and why should you opt for this VLP product?

Why Strip Curtain doors?

Modern business environments call for solutions that are both functional and visually appealing. Strip curtains fulfill both criteria. Their transparency provides an open ambiance, while the robustness and longevity of the strips ensure effective partitioning and protection.

Applications of Strip Curtain doors

The versatility of strip curtains makes them ideal for a range of settings including warehouses, retail spaces, offices, and even domestic environments. Whether it's for segregating spaces, diminishing noise, or creating a pleasant atmosphere, VLP's strip curtains are the perfect solution.

Benefits of VLP Strip Curtain doors

  1. Flexibility: Depending on your requirements, you can select strip curtains of varying widths and thicknesses.
  2. Durability: VLP is renowned for its top-notch quality products. The strip curtains are no exception, lasting for years without wear or fade.
  3. Aesthetics: The sleek and contemporary look of the strip curtains adds a touch of elegance to any space.


Opt for quality, durability, and style. Choose VLP strip curtains. Contact us to learn more and discover how strip curtains can transform your space.