Rolling curtains

Rolling curtains

A separation of size

VLP Rolling curtains

As the name implies, a VLP rolling curtain is a roll-up wall made of PVC tarpaulin. It allows large areas, up to as much as 120 square metres, to be opened and closed at once. The most used model, the VLP centrally running rolling wall, is rolled up in the middle by means of a rolling tube. As a result, both the lower and upper fabric sections roll up simultaneously. The additional advantage of this is greater wind resistance as well as increased roll-up and closing speed.

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VLP rolling curtains are fitted with a horizontal roller tube with a tube motor in one end that runs along a guide rail. It is also possible to fit a VLP centrally run roll curtain with ceiling guides. This means that the side guides and coves are omitted. Instead, an angled guide track is placed on the roller curtain, which is fixed to the ceiling. The additional advantage is that when rolled up, the space is completely free. However, this is only applicable in rooms without wind load.


VLP Rolling curtains are used in various locations, such as;

  • Distribution centres
  • Food industry
  • Horticultural greenhouses
  • Automotive sector
  • Situations with an overhead crane or trolley

In horticultural greenhouses and the food industry, rolling curtains are often used as hygiene partitions.

Many types of fabric

We can provide the rolling curtains with various types of fabric, such as:

  • Standard fabric-reinforced tarpaulin
  • Crystal-clear PVC
  • Gauze
  • Insulating cloth
  • Anti-static fabrics
  • Opaque fabric
  • Fire retardant cloth

Furthermore, you can choose from different colours and viewing windows.

VLP top or bottom running curtains

The VLP Top rolling curtain has a bearing block on both the left and right in which the roller tube hangs, the fabric unrolls on one side. On the VLP Bottom rolling curtain, the roller tube itself rolls all the way down. Just like the VLP centrally run rolling curtain, it has a side guide with coves as standard.


Optionally, we can provide the VLP centre rolling curtains with guide coves coated in Ral colours. The options also include a full colour printed fabric. We can also fit them with tensioning straps or wind poles in case of higher wind loads.


For use in Sports and Fitness Centres, we market the VLP centre rolling curtains under the name of FleQswall.

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Industrial Rolling Curtains

In today's industrial sector, functionality and efficiency are key. At VLP, we fully grasp this notion, and thus, we proudly present our industrial roller walls. Specially crafted for businesses in need of a reliable and enduring solution, our industrial roller walls revolutionize how workspaces are organized and secured.

The term "industrial roller walls" might conjure up images of standard, nondescript partitions. But with VLP, it signifies a blend of strength, design, and technology. Our industrial roller walls have become an indispensable asset for warehouses, factories, and other business locales seeking flexible space partitioning solutions.

Why opt for VLP's industrial roller walls?

The answer lies in one word: Quality. Every industrial roller wall we produce undergoes a stringent manufacturing process, utilizing only the finest materials. The outcome? Walls capable of withstanding the challenges of a bustling industrial setting.

Utilizing our industrial roller walls offers several advantages:

  1. Flexibility: Our walls are engineered to move and adapt as per your requirements. Whether you're in need of increased storage space, a temporary partition, or a permanent room divider, our walls can cater to your needs.
  2. Durability: In an industrial backdrop, materials need to endure. VLP's walls are constructed to last, even under the most taxing circumstances.
  3. Safety: Our walls aren’t merely robust; they are secure. They can aid in reducing workplace accidents by cordoning off hazardous zones or demarcating walkways more distinctly.

VLP's dedication to innovation ensures that our industrial roller walls are consistently updated. By heeding our customer feedback and investing in R&D, we ensure our roller walls remain at the cutting edge of industrial possibilities