Sheet walls

Sheet walls

Soundproofing and transparent

Reducing noise with PVC-sheet walls

VLP's sound-absorbing industrial sheet walls consist of sound-absorbing, soft, crystal-clear PVC sheets 3 or 5 mm thick. At the bottom and between the sections, sound-absorbing flaps provide a good seal. Complete with a sound-absorbing casing, around the rail and on the closing side, the sound-absorbing flaps can reduce noise levels by up to 25 decibels.

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The sound-insulating industrial sheet walls developed by VLP are used in various locations to keep noise levels at the workplace under control. Examples include a sound-insulating housing around a machine, shielding an inspection room in garages or one of the many applications in the metal industry. In garages, VLP's sheet walls, both fixed and sliding, are also often used for soot measurements.

Customisation and combination

Naturally, a VLP sheet wall, like our other solutions, is fully custom-made. Each soundproof sheet wall is put together based on the situation at your site. A VLP sheet wall can also be easily combined with our other solutions such as a swing door or strip curtain.

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PVC Sheet walls

VLP’s PVC panel walls represent the gold standard in industrial design, offering a host of benefits that go beyond their excellent soundproofing qualities. Let’s delve into these unique attributes that make them an unbeatable choice.
The soundproofing capabilities of PVC sheet walls are unmatched. They not only reduce ambient noise but also foster a quieter, more focused workspace. This enhances productivity and the overall well-being of employees.
Beyond soundproofing, these walls also offer exceptional thermal insulation. They aid in maintaining a stable temperature within a space, ensuring not just a more comfortable working environment but also energy savings.

Ease of maintenance is another crucial benefit. PVC panel walls are easy to clean, making them extremely suitable for environments where hygiene is a top priority.
The durability and strength of these panel walls ensure a long lifespan, even in the most demanding industrial settings. They resist wear and tear, retaining their quality over many years.

A point to note is the aesthetic appeal these walls offer. They feature a sleek and modern design that seamlessly integrates into a wide range of architectural styles, making them an excellent choice for contemporary layouts.

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