The sports roller wall

What is a FleQswall?

A FleQswall is a relatively new product used for the flexible separation of two spaces by means of a roll-up wall. A FleQswall is mainly used in fitness centres, gyms and other sports facilities. Ideal for temporarily hiding a group lesson from view or for noise control.

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Why choose a FleQswall?

When there is a need to separate a room with regularity, a FleQswall can offer the solution. For example, FleQswalls are often used in gyms to organize group lessons. This way, a group can be easily and quickly separated from the rest of the sporters. A FleQswall also offers the solution when, for example due to religious beliefs, it is desirable to have men and women exercise separately. The VLP FleQswall is also a more economical alternative to a mobile panel wall. Also, a FleQswall is faster to roll up and unroll than a mobile panel wall. Moreover, a VLP FleQswall makes fewer demands on the ceiling construction and even, when rolled up, completely disappears into it.


A FleQswall is a flexible partition that is available in numerous materials and colours. Prefer a neutral wall in one colour? Or a wall with a full print? No problem at all. The canvas is fully composable and can be printed on one or both sides. This way your FleQswall can also be used for your advertising purposes or those of your potential sponsors.

Insulating FleQswall

In addition to the usual materials, a FleQswall can be fabricated out of an insulating PVC fabric. This PVC fabric can also be chosen to be sound insulating. Where a regular VLP FleQswall has an insulating value of approximately 3 dB(A), the insulating version offers approximately 13 dB(A). However, the maximum surface area is limited to a cloth size of 80 square meters due to the extra weight.

Curious what a VLP FleQswall can offer?

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VLP FleQswall

Are you in search of the perfect blend of functionality and design for your business or public space? A VLP FleQswall is your answer. Read further and you'll discover how a VLP FleQswall redefines the essence of modern partition solutions.

Large-scale spaces such as offices, convention centers, retail environments, and galleries demand products that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also cater to specific functional needs. a VLP FleQswall fits this bill impeccably. With its sleek design and superior technology, it transforms any venue into a masterpiece in its own right.

When you find yourself in environments where the dynamics of constant interaction and movement reign supreme, opting for a FleQswall becomes a no-brainer. This product is optimized for settings where both privacy and openness are of paramount importance.

The allure of a FleQswall isn't just in its visual appeal but also in its unmatched durability and ruggedness, which is crucial for high footfall areas.

Delve into the versatility of a VLP FleQswall and get inspired by the limitless possibilities this product offers for your unique space.