Soundproofing curtains

Soundproofing curtains

Insulating & Flexible

Soundproofing curtains: Reduce noise levels

Our soundproofing curtains, consisting of opaque soundproof pleated material, offer a flexible solution in almost any location. The flame-retardant PVC fabric with a 3 mm thick foam layer on the back is available in three colours: white, grey and blue. Because the material is pliable, it is easily processed into a soundproofing curtain that slides smoothly through every bend.

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Composition of a soundproofing curtain

Depending on the required size, the curtains are built from modules that are mutually linked with Velcro or wind sticks. A sound-absorbing curtain also extends at the top to the rail in order to prevent noise leakage. In addition, a sound-absorbing construction has been manufactured over the rail with sound-insulating flaps. Even when overlapping, the parts close together with angled flaps. The sound-reducing properties of a curtain depend on the sound frequency but can be as much as 15dBA.


For many a situation, a soundproofing curtain from VLP can provide the solution. Due to its flexible nature it’s easy to compose such a curtain. Also, a sound-insulating curtain not only reduces noise levels. You can also easily hide a workplace or machine from view. After all, the curtains are made of opaque material. Like the VLP sheet walls, our soundproofing curtains are widely used around wood and metalworking machines, pumps and conveyor belts.

Tailor-made soundproofing curtains

Just like our other solutions and products, our soundproofing curtains are fully custom-made based on your requirements. This allows us to offer the right solution for virtually any situation. If required, VLP can also install them. We usually provide a suspension construction in combination with a soundproof barrier to the roof.

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Soundproofing curtains

In industrial and professional settings, noise pollution can often pose a challenge. Machinery, processes, and bustling operations can contribute to heightened noise levels. That's why VLP introduces industrial soundproof curtains, the solution tailored specifically for noise reduction in industrial scenarios.

What are industrial soundproof curtains?

Unlike regular drapes, industrial soundproof curtains are meticulously crafted with materials adept at absorbing sound waves. Designed to drastically cut down ambient noise in industrial settings, they're indispensable for workplaces like factories, workshops, and production areas.

Why opt for VLP’s industrial soundproof curtains?

At VLP, customers will find a range not just effective in dampening noise, but also one offering resilience and robustness, essential for industrial applications. The VLP team ensures an impeccable balance between functionality and longevity.

Applications of industrial soundproof curtains

These curtains aren’t confined to one type of industry. Whether you're into metal fabrication, operate as a car mechanic, or work in a bustling factory, our industrial soundproof curtains ensure noise levels are regulated, heightening comfort for your employees.

Conclusion: For every industrial setting necessitating noise dampening, VLP's industrial soundproof curtains are an indispensable addition. Opt for quality and efficiency, opt for VLP.