Industrial curtains

Industrial curtains

Lightweight and compact

Benefits of a VLP industrial curtain

A VLP industrial curtain is a horizontal sliding curtain made of PVC film. Partly because of its lightweight material, an industrial curtain is easy to handle and compact. This allows you to partially, or fully, seal off a space easily and quickly. Not only do you thus separate the cold and warm air flows between two areas, but your employees are also protected from dust, smoke or noise. Ideal for creating a desirable workplace and an easy to use all your valuable space.

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An industrial curtain prevents the spread of dust, mist, draughts, cold, vapour and smoke, among other things. Because the curtain incorporates steel tubes, it is insensitive to air currents. It is also possible to hang the curtain in combination with a tensioning system. This allows our curtains to withstand significant wind pressure. This is one of the unique features of the VLP industrial curtain. In addition, if necessary, a sealing seam is made on one or both sides of the curtain to close off any walls. A fixed or movable trailing edge is often made at the bottom of a VLP industrial curtain. This is to seal off the airflow at the bottom of the industrial curtain in case of uneven floor surfaces.


VLP industrial curtains are often used in combination with our other products, such as with a high speed door, rolling curtain or a fixed curtain wall. For special situations where there is no room to slide or in a situation with an overhead crane, a lot is made possible by using a slewing arm.

Types of industrial curtains

A VLP industrial curtain can be assembled with a wide range of materials, each with its own advantages. For example;

  • Translucent or opaque fabrics
  • Gauze
  • Anti-static film
  • Antibacterial film
  • Temperature insulating
  • Sound insulating
  • Fire retardant
  • Non-flammable fabric
  • Welding curtains or welding film

Even combinations of versions or delivery in your company colours, with lettering or full-colour print, are possible.

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VLP’s industrial curtains

Industrial curtains are not your ordinary curtains. They serve a pivotal role in ensuring safety, hygiene, and efficiency within industrial settings. At VLP, we understand this better than anyone else. That’s why our industrial curtains are of premium quality, designed for utmost functionality.

Why opt for VLP’s industrial curtains?

The answer is straightforward: our industrial curtains are meticulously designed to cater to specific industrial needs. They can be used for partitioning distinct work zones, regulating temperatures, reducing noise disturbances, and so much more.

Moreover, VLP's industrial curtains are made from durable materials that can withstand the demanding requirements of an industrial environment. They are resistant to fats, oils, and most chemicals, making them ideal for use in workshops and factories.

Another hallmark of our industrial curtains is their flexibility. They can be easily installed and moved around, enabling you to quickly and efficiently segregate or combine different spaces.

In summary, VLP's industrial curtains are the go-to solution for those in search of a reliable, durable, and flexible partitioning system within an industrial backdrop. Visit our website for more details and discover the myriad benefits of our products.