Hygiene screens

Hygiene screens

Clean and Safe

Your hygienic workstation

For various work areas, it is nice to have a hygienic workplace. Even outside a pandemic or flu season, it is desirable to create the most hygienic workplace possible.

For this purpose, VLP produces hygiene screens in all shapes and sizes. Most of our hygiene screens are constructed from crystal-clear transparent PVC film, these are fitted with a reinforcement and suspension system. Think of clamps for your suspended ceiling or a screen on a fixed or mobile frame.

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Hygiene screen applications

Hygiene screens can be used in numerous locations. Examples include;

  • Shops, to protect cashiers
  • Between desks in the office
  • Between packing tables or packing stations
  • In vehicles

Besides the standard sizes, which can be found in our web shop, we also supply our hygiene screens fully custom-made. Every situation is different and a standard-sized screen is not always sufficient. We also supply hygiene screens with corners, an opening or on wheels.

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VLP Hygiene Screens

In a world where cleanliness has become paramount, VLP offers top-notch hygiene screens designed to cultivate a safe environment in every professional setting. At VLP, we understand the urgency of guarding against germs and unwanted bacteria. That's why we have crafted our hygiene screens using the highest quality materials and design standards.

Contact us and you can discover everything there is to know about our industry-leading hygiene screens. These screens are not intended for residential use but are specifically designed for professional and commercial spaces where cleanliness is paramount.

Incorporating VLP's hygiene screens in public settings like offices, hospitals, schools, and retail outlets can help minimize the spread of germs. Moreover, they offer an added layer of protection for both customers and employees.

VLP's hygiene screens aren't just functional but also aesthetically pleasing. They can be seamlessly integrated into any professional setting without disrupting the design or style. Their transparent nature ensures that communication and interaction are not impeded, while they still provide an effective barrier against potential contamination risks.

Opt for VLP hygiene screens and ensure a safer, healthier environment for all.