Draft Curtains

Draft Curtains

Safe through compartmentalisation

Draft Curtains

VLP's draft curtains, also known as smoke barriers or smoke curtains, are fire-retardant vertical strips of fiberglass fabric. The purpose of these curtains is to compartmentalize and funnel smoke during a fire. After all, the smoke generated in a fire is the greatest danger to the health of your employees. Therefore, funnelling the smoke with a draft curtain, often towards a roof hatch, provides a safer escape route.

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Smoke compartmentalization

Draft curtains can be used very well in combination with other fire-retardant solutions, but they can also offer a great advantage on their own. Keeping the smoke from a fire in one place will ensure that your employees have more time to leave the building safely. On the other hand, smoke damage is also limited when the smoke is funnelled out through roof hatches. In addition, a smoke curtain ensures that your sprinkler system will go off more accurately, thus limiting excess water damage.

Composition of smoke threshold

The VLP draft curtains are made of gray cloth material and comply with the EN 1363.1 standard. There is a sewn-in steel wire at the top of the fire-retardant cloth and a round steel with a diameter of 8 mm in the bottom seam. The smoke thresholds are mounted by means of a galvanized steel angle profile with a galvanized steel strip.

Naturally, our smoke curtains are not the only product with which you can improve the fire safety in your premises. Also take a look at our firescreens.

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VLP Draft Curtains

The evolution in construction and safety technologies has led to innovative solutions for fire safety, and one of these standout solutions is Draft Curtains . Draft curtains set the standard for smoke control in commercial and industrial environments.

Smoke emanating from a fire can be as dangerous, if not more so, than the flames themselves. Smoke can reduce visibility, complicating evacuation, and contains toxic gases that can be life-threatening. The Draft Curtains, also known as fixed smoke screens and smoke barriers, play a pivotal role here by controlling and limiting smoke to specific zones.

By employing these specific smoke screens, the spread of smoke can be constrained. This means that in the event of a fire, it's possible to ensure safe evacuation and minimize property damage. The product name, Draft Curtains, underscores just how essential this product is for any building committed to top-tier fire safety.

It's vital to note that Draft Curtains are not meant for use in homes. They are specifically designed for larger spaces such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and shopping malls. Their sturdy design and technical specifications ensure they are perfectly tailored for these settings.

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