About VLP

About VLP

Why VLP?

Personalised advice

At VLP, your unique wishes and needs are our priority. Our specialists take the time to understand the specific purpose you have in mind for the product and how it will be used. Leveraging expertise from various situations and industries, we are equipped to provide advice that is not just suitable but also economically advantageous, thereby presenting you with the best possible solution..

Professional installation

Experience the craftsmanship of our seasoned installers equipped with state-of-the-art tools in their service vehicles, guaranteeing quick and high-quality installations. Constant training ensures they are always abreast of the latest techniques and guidelines. Moreover, our VCA* certification since 2002 guarantees a work process that adheres to the highest standards in terms of safety, health, and environmental regulations.


With VLP, you opt for customization in its purest form. Our representatives meticulously measure everything on-site, after which your product is manufactured with the utmost precision in our own factory or by a carefully selected external company operating under our supervision.

High quality production

We place great value on quality and efficiency. Our production facility houses the latest machines that not only guarantee rapid production but also deliver products of the highest quality, all while maintaining ease of use for our employees.

Global reach

Our network extends across the globe, with products finding their way to satisfied customers, both directly and through distributors. While our own installers are primarily active in the Benelux, Germany, and France, our global reach symbolizes our commitment to customer satisfaction on an international scale.

Fast delivery

Thanks to our integrated approach, where we manage the entire trajectory — from consultation and design to production and installation — we can work quickly and efficiently. This results in a smooth realization of your project, precisely as you envisioned it.

Choose VLP and experience a service where quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction go hand in hand.