Recycling, a natural duty

VLP takes its role in safeguarding the environment and the well-being of society extremely seriously, particularly given the nature of our operations where we frequently work with metals and plastics, including specialized materials such as galvanized steel, aluminum, and flexible PVC.

In the handling of these materials, we adhere to strict processes to ensure that no harmful substances are released. We go even further by diligently separating and disposing of all residual and waste materials in an environmentally conscious manner, minimizing our ecological footprint in the process.

We are proud to collaborate with like-minded companies in this endeavor; our PVC suppliers are exclusively European manufacturers who refrain from using harmful plasticizers in their production processes. This allows us to guarantee that all used plastics comply with the stringent standards of the REACH directive.

Moreover, we are constantly seeking ways to enhance our sustainability efforts. Through innovation and collaboration with our partners, we aim to foster a circular economy where materials are reused and recycled, thereby working towards a more sustainable future for all.

With a forward-thinking policy and a responsible approach to our production process, VLP stands at the forefront of environmental protection and sustainability in the industry. By proactively implementing the latest best practices in sustainability, we are not only taking care of our current society but also working towards the well-being of future generations.