Smit Transformers B.V.

In the last few years VLP has placed several products in the Smit Transformers factory in Nijmegen.

VLP Roling curtains

In 2014 VLP installed 4 rolling cutains serrounding a furnace. This in order to effectively extract the heat.

They chose the roling cutrains becouse of the overhead crane.

VLP Fixed curtain

In 2013 we were asked provide and install a fixed cutain wall. It has a width of 15 meters and is 8 meters high.  

VLP speed door

On the left side of the fixed curtain we placed a XL Speed-doorIt has a width of 3,2 meters and is 7 meters high.

VLP Swing door

On the right side of the fixed curtain we've instaled a VLP Swing door. It prevents loss of heat and cold, but also serves as acoustic insulation and prevents spread of dust .

VLP Industrial cutrain

This industrial curtain can be opend so large objects can be moved.


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