Made In 4Havens

Made In 4Havens provides designers and producers from the Rotterdam area, production facilities, personnel and corporate marketing. By facilitating the production industry of Rotterdam in the 4Havensarea, Made In 4Havens contribute to the integral development of this industrial port area.


Made In 4havens organizes the following activities:

  • Festivals, to connect the various existing national and international networks in the manufacturing industry to the development of the vibrant design community in 4Havensgebied.
  • Production facilities, production labs in the 4Havensgebied support in up scaling the production designers and producers from the Rotterdam region.
  • Talent development and employment, under the guidance of organizations, Mobility and Employment the local residents get training and employment related to the production facilities in the 4havensgebied.

VLP installed a glass clear industrial curtain in the building at the Keilestraat Rotterdam. The hems of the industrial curtain is made of black fabric reinforced PVC cloth.


"The industrial curtain VLP has made from a draft from Panoptic Architects received many compliments during the Art Week that was held in 9 unit on the Keilestraat, Rotterdam" Says Ebami Tom, owner of Panoptic Architects and initator of Made In 4Havens.


Made in 4Havens is an initiative of Panoptic Architects and supported by several local entrepreneurs and enthusiasts.

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