Grower and owner Theo Duijvestijn of Littletom wanted to enclose the machine that sorts the ‘tomato-berries’ to decrease the sound. He chose VLP Industrial curtain to solve this problem. This curtain is fabricated in the colour red, which is also the company colour is of Littletom.

The industrial curtain is suspended from a steel structure that is fitted to the roof.The bottom of the curtain is provided with a dragstrip that is fitted with velcro. This to prevent damage when a forklift truck accidentally hits the curtain. The dragstrip also provides a closed seal to the floor even when the floor isn’t level. Thus, the space is used optimally and the working conditions have improved.


"A beautiful product which is assembled by highly professional technicians. I expect the staff at Littletom will be very pleased with the results" 'says Theo Duijvestijn, owner of Littletom.


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