Hoeks Car Cleaning

Erik Hoek of Hoek Car Cleaning purchased a number of VLP industrial curtains in 2007 to separate the various car wash arias. In 2013 they constructed a new building which also had the need for industrial curtains. These were then purchased from an (undisclosed) competitor because of a lower price.

The price difference was created by the use of only a horizontal chain in the lower seam instead of multiple vertical tubes in the curtain as we use in our industrial curtains.

However the lower price proved to be lower for a reason as the curtains had to be replaced in early 2015.

Mr Hoek: "Due to moisture in the seam, the chain started to rust and damaged the seam even further. The chain has even come out of the hem in multiple places To make matters worse wind sometimes blows the curtain with the rusty chain against the cars. It’s simply too light. " Mr Hoek then approached us if we could replace the curtains for our system with vertical tubes as purchased in 2007. The first purchased curtains are also still used.

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