Veiligheidsregio IJsselland


Training and examinations are held next to the fire department headquarters in Zwolle.

In order to separate the examination track from the remaining area of the hall Veiligheidsregio IJsselland approached VLPThe separation-wall would not only have to give privacy to the test track but also be able to be locked.

However, it has to be possible to open the wall once a year.



Fixed partition wall

VLP placed a  fixed partition wall which is made out of separate parts. These parts are joined together with Velcro. It’s made so that they can be roll up separately and be fastened with the straps that are mounted on the top of the curtain.

The upper half of the wall is made of wire reinforced clear PVC. The bottom 2.5 meters the wall is made of fabric reinforced PVC cloth.



“VLP stands for: Professionalism, service and flexibility”, says Ferry Vogtschmidt, Project Manager Veiligheidsregio IJsselland.

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