Retractable tunnels steel


The retractable tunnels and warehouses can be used for various purposes. For example:

  • worktent
  • garage
  • boathouse
  • container cover
  • extra storage space
  • draught lock 
  • between buildings
  • flexible spray or wash cabin
  • situations withoverhead cranes
  • quarantine area that complies with phytosanitary requirements

Tunnels with a single-sided sloping roof (tunnel roofs come with a peak roof as standard) can be placed against a building on the highest side.


Retractable tunnels are made of a frame of steel arches fitted with pantographs (brackets). The arches are covered with flame-retardant PVC tarpaulin. The tunnel is tensioned using a chain-tensioning system.


Available up to 24 metres, with clear headroom of at least 3.25 metres up to 7.5 metres. The retractable tunnels are equipped with at least one fixed section of around 1.6 metres to ensure greater stability. The tunnels run on steel wheels on storm-proof rails, and are available in any required length. Depending on the number of fixed sections, retracted length is about 30% of extended tunnel length. An aluminium version of the tunnel has a smaller retracted length.

The tunnel can also be supplied as a fixed tent. In this model, the pantographs are replaced with fixed steel connecting pieces and the wheels are of course absent.


Each fixed section of the retractable tunnel can be fitted with motors that drive both sets of wheels. A powered system makes it much easier to retract and extend the tunnel, especially when it is placed against a high wall, for instance, making access difficult. The tunnels are made of various cloth types, such as:

  • gauze
  • insulated
  • flame-retardant
  • soundproof
  • lightproof materials

With the standard PVC and gauze material, it is possible to choose between transparent sections in the roof, sides and curtains. One option is to seal the front and rear of the tunnel with industrial curtains.

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