Dynaco High-Speed doors

Avoid energy loss

Dynaco High-speed and high-performance rolling doors are used in heavy-duty and light operating conditions. The self-repairing doors open automatically upon impact, collision damage is virtually impossible due to the absence of a lower beam and of hard segments in the door blade.


The Dynaco high-speed rolling doors are available in any required size and in various finishes, such as stainless steel. Depending on the type, the Dynaco high-speed rolling doors open at speeds from 0.8 m up to 3 m per second.

Various models

All door types are windproof and some types are even suitable as external doors which can stand hurricanes. In addition, the doors are protected against corrosion as they are made of galvanised steel or optional stainless steel.
For specific use there are models like Freezer (for sub zero areas), Cleanroom, ATEX (for explosion sensitive areas) and Emergency exits.

Operating systems

High-speed doors are available with various controls:

  • pull switches
  • push buttons
  • induction loops
  • radar motion detectors
  • remote control
  • Safety is ensured by photocells and a wireless contact strip as a standard.

VLP supplies, installs, repairs and does maintenance on all types of Dynaco high-speed doors since 1999.


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