Welding curtains


Harmful welding light (blue light and UV radiation) can cause skin lesions, actinic conjunctivitis and severe eye conditions. To protect people in the vicinity, it is necessary not to place any reflective protection around the welding area.


Welding curtains or welding strips mounted in a frame or rail are designed to quickly and flexibly shield a welding area. The frames are made of very high quality steel and is available in curtains as PVC strips.

Large surfaces

VLP also produces single weldingscreens with different coupling elements to build a larger area. Other possibilities are

  • frames with movable arms and
  • mobile welding screens with wheels 
  • permanent stripcurtain with welding strips
  • rolling curtain, welding grade

Welding curtain options

Welding curtains and welding strips are available in four colors:

  • red-orange
  • light green
  • dark green

The first two are transparent, dark green is used at welding areas with very intense radiation. The welding curtains and strips are self-extinguishing (DIN53438), resistant to welding sparks and meet the European standard EN-1598.

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