Sheet walls

Noise reduction

Noise level within the standards of the (Dutch) Occupational Health and Safety Act.
The acoustic VLP sheet walls are made of sound-proof, soft, crystal-clear 5 mm thick PVC. Sound-proofing flaps at the bottom and between the components ensure perfect sealing. Complete with a sound-insulating housing around the rail and at the closing sides, the sheet walls reduce the noise level by approx. 25 decibel.


The sound-proofing sheet walls developed by VLP are used in service station test rooms and in the metallurgical industry, for example. In service stations, the fixed or sliding sheet walls are particularly used for soot measurements.


Just like other VLP products, the sound-proofing sheet walls can be custom-made. Various designs are available and even production and installation can be customised to your requirements.

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The sound-insulating sheet walls are installed by a VLP service team. VLP is also responsible for the supporting structure and a sound-proofing seal to the roof. If required, VLP can make walls, floors and ceilings reflectionless. See also Sliding walls and Sound-proofing curtains.

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