Rolling curtains

Large surfaces

With the VLP rolling walls you are able to quickly open and close off large surfaces. The rolling walls are fitted with a horizontally mounted roller tube. Large openings up to 25 m wide can be closed in one go.

Many different cloth types

The rolling walls can be supplied in various finishes such as:

  • insulating cloth, 
  • fire-retardant cloth
  • gauze
  • cristal-clear PVC
  • welding grade PVC

There is a wide choice of colours.

It is possible to print anything on the various fabrics, from a logo to full colour prints on both sides. For more information go to FleQsWall.

For any situation

We have three types of rolling walls available:

  • top-running,
  • centrally run
  • bottom-running

All can fitted with side guides. Centrally run and bottom-running walls can additionally be fitted with a ceiling guide system, thus allowing the use of overhead cranes.

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