Sliding walls

Large surfaces

VLP Sliding walls are large, transparent panels wich are made of transparent PVC foil, which slide in through a rail. Suitable for creating different workspaces and separation of crops.


Sliding walls are available with various materials:

    • entirely or partially non-transparent
      • flame-extinguishing
        • gauze
          • thermally insulating

          The rods that are sown in the side seams prevent the walls from billowing or being blowed to the side. 

          Targeted heating, ventilation or disinfection

          Sliding walls are ideally suitable for separation of crops and targeted heating, ventilation or disinfection. The use of crystal-clear foil guarantees maximum light transmission. On the other hand, shading or extra insulating materials are available.


          The sliding walls are installed by a VLP service team or by qualified VLP resellers. VLP can also supply the supporting structure and a seal to the roof.

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