Industrial curtains

Optimum use of your space

VLP industrial curtains slide through rails with bends or switches and create an enclosure or the creation a seperate workplace. Industrial curtains are light to operate and take up little space. This product helps to optimize your work area and working conditions will improve. Strip curtains are also often used as hygienic partitions.

Other benefits

Industrial curtains prevent spread of dust, mist, steam and smoke. The steel tubes which are vertically inserted in the curtain render it insensitive to air currents, exhaust systems and ventilators. The curtains withstand wind pressure if combined with wind braces and tensioning systems.


The curtains are attached to the wall by means of a fixing seam and special flap seals the gaps between curtains and rails. A bottom guide is not required. The Velcro fastened flap at the bottom of the curtain prevents damage to the curtain if the flap is run over.

A wide choice

You can choose from a wide range of finishes, depending on the application:

  • Light-transmitting or opaque
  • with gauze
  • antistatic foil
  • antibacterial foil
  • temperature-insulating
  • fire-retardant
  • Welding curtains

Combinations of the various options or a finish in your brand colour (with lettering if required) are also available.

Curtain door

The curtain door is a unique concept which combines a pliable curtain and a sliding door in one product. The industrial curtain is fitted with a multi point locking system which can be opened and closed by means of a common door handle. The outswinging claws of the multi point locking system makes the curtain windproof.
The curtain door is also available with a lock and, if required, vandal-proof cloth or gauze.

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