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The VLP FleQsWall is a new product that separate spaces with a roll-up curtain. The solution for fitness centers, gyms, gymnasiums, or other accommodations who widh to withdraw a certain area temporarily from sight and / or to provide sound insulation.

Why choose FleQsWall?

In gyms for example, there can be the need to separate spaces for different types of lessons, or the need for privacy due to religious reasons.The VLP FleQsWall is particularly suited for these types of situations and a cheaper alternative than a movable wall.

Unique figures

The electrical winding and unwinding of the FleQsWall produces barely any sound and requires less time and labor than you would opening a panel wall. In addition, the VLP FleQsWall less demanding on the construction.

Go to our reference page for a closer look at a FleQsWall in a dojo.

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