Why Choose VLP?

Custom advice »

When you contact us, we ask you to describe of the use and purpose of the product so that we can provide the best possible advice on the right solution.

Professional construction »

Our engineers are all very experienced and drive a vehicle which is equipped with the best tools available. This way we can assure you a short installation time with high quality. Our people also attend courses regularly in order to continue to guarantee the quality in the future.
VLP is VCA* certified since 2002. This means that we work according to the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) guidelines.

Customization »

All our products are produced in our own factory or in-house tailored entirely.

High Quality »

Our factory is equipped with the best machinery to not only produce our products fast, but also have a high quality and with the greatest ease of use for employees.

Worldwide active »

Our products find their way to satisfied customers worldwide, either through distributors or directly. Installation by our own technicians usually happens in the Benelux, Germany and France.

Fast delivery »

Because we control the entire process of consulting, design, production and assembly entirely in-house we are able to act very quickly.