Corporate Social Responsibility

We see Corporate Social Responsibility not just as a pretty story but a matter of just DOING!
CSR is taking responsibility by means of innovation strength, is also reacting flexibly to new developments and achieving sustainable returns.
VLP is well aware that there is a key role for SME's.

CSR is inextricably linked to us:


• Supporting and developing initiatives to make people more involved in society.
• Creating a safe, healthy and respectful work environment.
• Creating opportunities and provide to people, including those who need extra attention.
• Encouraging and increasing independence and autonomy.
• Personal development and promotion of small initiatives, often close.


• provide support for innovative technologies and social renewal.
• Awareness of our environmental impact and act.
• Investing in less environmentally damaging production processes.
• Development of products with long life, fully recyclable.


• Sustainable cooperation with companies in the chain.
• Fair Dealing with respect for values.
• Continuous improvement and innovation.

VLP will anchor their CSR ambitions more and more in its services, products and processes.

Environmental measures extended

Although we are a small company we do everything we can to reduce our environmental footprint.
We did this lately by purchasing a Hybrid
car for our Sales managerWe have chosen a Toyota Auris hybrid which runs partly on gasoline and partly on electricity.
The choice of a hybrid was the most logical in our case because a fully electric car would have a too small radius.
By purchasing this car, we contribute to reducing our impact on the environment.